Thoughts about decoration information in the xdg_shell

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Mon Nov 18 16:39:01 PST 2013

Thiago Macieira wrote:

> The only detail is that this extension doesn't exist yet, so the compositor 
> needs to check whether the client acknowledged the message. If it didn't, then 
> the compositor must assume the client is decorating itself.

I think it will be ok for the compositor to assume it worked. In a lot 
of cases (such as the fullscreen one) there is little it can do to fix 

In any case I was under the impression that this is being proposed for 
the new xdg_shell. In that one "fullscreen" and "maximized" have been 
added to the configure request in the current proposal. I would get rid 
of these and put in a set of bitflags, which indicate when to turn 
things off. There would be a flag for each of the 4 edges, and another 
flag for the "titlebar" (which is the part at the top of a typical 
window if you remove any top edge above it). It may be necessary to add 
more flags to turn the "shadow" off independent of the "edges", I am 
unsure about that.

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