1.3 RC2 (1.2.92) is out

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 22:41:15 PDT 2013


I just tagged and uploaded 1.3 RC2 (version 1.2.92).  The most
critical fixes in this second release candidate are the touch event
fixes from Neil.  We also have fixes for the weston-launch rewrite to
work better with the fbdev and rpi backends, a fix for the
sleep/wakeup state machine and a few other minor things.

I expect to pull in Tomeus Raspberry Pi EGL patch before releasing
1.3.  This is a bigger change, but it's entirely isolated in the rpi
backend.  Other than that, I'm not expecting to add much more for this
release.  We still have a few crashers in bugzilla, but even if the
bugzilla entries are new, the bugs are not new and aren't regressions
[1].  We'll try to fix them for 1.3.1.

I hope we can release this Friday, but we may end up going a couple of
days into next week, depending on the feedback.

Tarballs and git tags:

  e8c151ee7f274e063274857988ef048742d072cc  wayland-1.2.92.tar.xz
  260d73b449feb979d98de7d280593675f5bbddd0  wayland 1.2.92 tag

  6e65264d241347dcade2762bdf57153a84634c58  weston-1.2.92.tar.xz
  8d7bef2673a63e7cb6267ef51799fc0bb07124e0  weston 1.2.92.tag


[1] Thinking of


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