1.3 RC2 Test Results

Eoff, Ullysses A ullysses.a.eoff at intel.com
Tue Oct 8 22:01:37 CEST 2013


The automated testing pass rate (95%) improved dramatically over RC1 (63%).  The remaining failures have been known for a while and/or due to currently unsupported features.  The automated test suites executed are Wayland Check, Weston Check, and Wayland-FITS.

The manual testing pass rate (71%) dropped slightly since RC1 (73%).  This is mainly a result of some newly discovered, and relatively non-critical, bugs.  Many of the associated bugs are not necessarily regressions introduced after 1.2 release, but rather issues that have existed for some time but just now discovered.  These mostly seem to be attributed to some touch interoperability issues, hot-plugging/unplugging outputs, and certain output transforms... all of which have never been claimed to be "stable" features yet (AFAIK).  Other bugs are related to either the "mesa" or "libva" components but have a direct impact on certain Wayland/Weston features.


Sandy Bridge (B810 @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit
Sandy Bridge (i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 32-bit
Sandy Bridge (i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit
Ivy Bridge (i5-3317U @ 1.7 GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit

::Software Stack::

wayland (HEAD) 1.2.92-0-g260d73b
drm (HEAD) libdrm-2.4.46-0-gc6d73cf
mesa (9.2) heads/9.2-0-gfac3094
libva (HEAD) libva-1.2.1-0-g88ed1eb
intel-driver (HEAD) 1.2.1-0-g8f306e3
weston (HEAD) 1.2.92-0-g8d7bef2

All tests executed on Weston DRM and Desktop Shell (w/cairo-glesv2)
unless otherwise noted.

::Manual Test Results::

Passed: 71% (67/94)
Failed: 27% (25/94)
NotRun/Blocked: 2% (2/94)

::Automated Test Results::

Passed: 95% (1194/1260)
Failed: 5% (66/1260)

::Associated Bugs::

Rapid VT-switching causes hang:
Composite Bypass non-functional:
Multiple mouse cursors on a single seat with multi-seat setup:
Weston SEGV on hot-unplugged output:
LibVA Capture hangs Weston on Sandy Bridge platforms:
Weston-calibrator always uses "primary" output; bad for multi-display calibration:
Zoom and Touch don't play nice with each other:
Weston SEGV - Text input protocol post to dying resource:
Panel clock missing when desktop-shell transformed at 90 or 270:
Weston-terminal corrupt rendering when output transformed at 90 or 270:

::Resolved Bugs Associated during RC1 Testing::

Weston won't "wake" after multiple touch events:
Single touch gets out of sync; clients stop receiving touch events:
Weston SEGV in wl_resource_get_client():
Weston-launch failed to get current keyboard mode:
Weston SEGV in wl_event_source_remove():


U. Artie Eoff
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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