Wayland and Weston 1.3 releases are out

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Fri Oct 11 13:51:51 CEST 2013

Hi, I would like to know the github name of "armin K". I don't find him and
would like to read the changes made to touchpad acceleration and Weston.ini
Le 10 oct. 2013 19:48, "Kristian Høgsberg" <hoegsberg at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I've tagged and pushed the 1.3 release and it's available from
> http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases as usual and the hashes for
> this release are:
>   febbbfc8d76ed0b2157077d50cb6e5ceb1aa47de  wayland-1.3.0.tar.xz
>   2c3dbb89031f120fb191492634e53a583f99d57d  wayland 1.3.0 tag
>   670f95844d20dc87da579b6ac566388edc0bfa0c  weston-1.3.0.tar.xz
>   95659c03219b057d9d703b04cf89bc0329ce947a  weston 1.3.0 tag
> Wayland Changes
> We don't have a lot of Wayland side changes this time.  I see that as
> good news and as sign that the wayland side is slowing down and
> maturing.  I feel like the core protocol code is generally useful and
> stable and does what we need.  What we did do this cycle:
>  - More pixel formats for wl_shm (Tomeu Vizoso).  We can now create
>    RGB565 (and many more) shm surfaces and a compositor can indicate
>    which ones it supports.
>  - Doc work (Peter Hutterer, Bryce Harrington, Aaron Faanes).  Much
>    work on the doc build system from Peter and general wording and
>    grammer improvements all around.
>  - Multi resource support (Rob Bradford).  Rob added support for
>    dealing with lsits of resources which the weston side
>    multi-resource fix builds on.
>  - Support for language bindings (Jason Ekstrand).  After a long time
>    and many detours into fixing other parts of Wayland and Weston,
>    Jason finally landed the language binding support.  This feature
>    lets you bind a higher level language to libwayland-client/server
>    by providing custom dispatch functions.
>  - Release requests for wl_pointer, wl_keyboard and wl_touch (Rob
>    Bradford).  We don't have a way for a client to deregister its
>    interest in receiving input events, we just drop them on the client
>    side when the client destroys the proxy.  With the release
>    requests, we now have a way to stop the server from sending them in
>    the first place.
>  - Install the wayland.xml protocol defintion (Jason Ekstrand).  We
>    now install the core Wayland XML protocol definition in a public
>    location.  Language bindings can parse this to generate code or
>    bind dynamically.  This also introduces a well known protocol
>    directory where other projects can install protocol files.
>  - Very few bug fixes in this release.  There was only a couple of
>    actual bug fixes this time around, which again is a sign that core
>    wayland is settling down.
> Weston changes.
>  - HW accelerated screen capture using libva Shift-Mod-SPACE Q (Ander
>    Conselvan de Oliveira).  This adds realtime h.264 screen capture to
>    Weston using libva.  This new feature can capture and encode weston
>    screen contents and write to disk with negligible CPU or GPU
>    overhead on recent Intel chips.  We may switch away from libva and
>    use gstreamer in the future, which will let us support more codecs
>    and hardware.  For now, libva is the only way to get to the
>    high-performance, zero-copy encoding path that we want.  Another
>    future direction for this is network astreaming instead of just
>    writing to disk, but this basic recording feature wil be the base
>    for that work.
>  - libhybris support (Adrian Negreanu).  Adrian added support for
>    using libhybris with the fbdev backend.  This means that it's
>    possible to use weston with Android EGL/GLES2 drivers, provided
>    that you have the right device, drivers and kernel.
>  - Multi-resource input events (Rob Bradford and Neil Roberts).  We
>    had a limitation that only the first pointer, keyboard or touch
>    resource from a client would receive events, since we only tracked
>    one resource as part of the input focus tracking.  It should be
>    possible to get multiple wl_pointer etc resources and receive
>    events on all of them so that different subsystems can have their
>    own resource for receiving events.  With Rob and Neils patches this
>    now works, which enables toolkit integration such as WebKitGTK+ and
>    Clutter-GTK+.
>  - Better touch support: better support in clients (Rusty Lynch and
>    Brian Lovin), critical bug fixes in the evdev touch code (Neil Roberts).
>  - XWM: better fullscreen support, support for drag-and-drop from X to
>    wayland (other direction coming next). (Kristian Høgsberg)
>  - weston-launch: modified behavior, now two modes of
>    operation: run from a vt after logging in or run from an init
>    script with -u.  setup and restore tty in weston-launch, handle vt
>    switch and drop/set master in weston-launch (Kristian Høgsberg).
>  - Support for RGB565 client buffers in gl and pixman renderers
>    (Tomeu Vizoso).
>  - New WL_OUTPUT udev attribute for matching touch screen input
>    devices to their outputs. (krh)
>  - We have a new configure summary from Armin K and a few new
>    configure options:
>         --with-cairo=image/gl/glesv2
>                 This gives better control over which cairo-gl flavor
>                 to use.  We used to auto-detect or just fall back to
>                 image, but there was never a good way to request
>                 cairo-image if any cairo-gl was available or to
>                 request GL over GLES2. (Rob Bradford)
>         --enable-demo-clients
>                 Install all the demo clients.  Normally we only
>                 install weston-terminal and weston-info, but with this
>                 option it's now possible to install all clients (Armin k)
>  - New weston.ini options:
>         [touchpad]
>         constant_accel_factor=...
>         min_accel_factor=...
>         max_accel_factor=...
>                 These options lets us control touchpad acceleration
>                 (Armin K).
>         [xwayland]
>         path=...
>                 This option lets us specific a different path to the
>                 xwayland server to use (Maksim Melnikau).
>  - New weston command line options:
>         --shell=shell.so
>                 Override the shell module choice from weston.ini.  A
>                 useful option for briefly testing a different shell
>                 (Jason Ekstrand).
>  - weston-terminal: Better support for wide (CJK) characters (Peng
>    Wu).  Resizing fixed, warms my heart (José Bollo).
> Known Issues
> We're shipping the 1.3.0 release with a number of known issues.  I
> expect we'll do a 1.3.1 release within a couple of week to try to fix
> as many of these as possible.  This is Arties list from the RC2 test
> report:
>  - weston-launch grew a drm dep again, pull Tomeus fix.
>  - Fix desktop-shell resizing the right way.  I reverted Hardenings
>    patch for output resize in desktop-shell to avoid regressing output
>    rotation, but we need to fix it the right way.
>  - Rapid VT-switching causes hang
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69764>
>  - Multiple mouse cursors on a single seat with multi-seat setup:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69778>
>  - Weston SEGV on hot-unplugged output:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69777>
>  - Weston-calibrator always uses "primary" output; bad for
>    multi-display calibration:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69780>
>  - Zoom and Touch don't play nice with each other:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68620>
>  - Weston SEGV - Text input protocol post to dying resource:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69490>
>  - Weston-terminal corrupt rendering when output transformed at 90 or 270:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70250>
> with a couple of bugs outside wayland and weston that still affects
> key weston features:
>  - Composite Bypass non-functional:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69437>
>  - LibVA Capture hangs Weston on Sandy Bridge platforms:
>    <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69330>
> Ideally we'll be able to address many of the issues above, in
> particular, I want fix the weston-launch drm dependency, the
> desktop-shell resizing and the output unplug bugs before doing 1.3.1.
> Plans for 1.4
> We're going to try something new for 1.4 - we'll do an alpha release a
> month before the scheduled release.  I'm looking at Jan 15, 2014 as
> the release date for 1.4.0, and we'll do an alpha release on Dec 16.
> The motivation here is to get a snapshot out a bit earlier so we can
> start testing earlier and hopefully uncover bugs earlier.  In the 1.3
> cycle we did RC1 a week before the expected release date and ended up
> with a lot of bugs and no time to fix them.  For 1.4 the hope is that
> the alpha release will let us discover those bugs while we still have
> month to fix them.  After the alpha we'll start to slow down
> development, but there'll still be room for pulling in minor or
> low-risk features.  We'll start the RCs on Jan 2, at which point we'll
> go into bug fix only mode.
> Here's my (probably incomplete) list of features that I think we can
> do for 1.4:
>  - Moving subsurface and input methods into wayland.
>  - Jasons decorations work.
>  - Jasons surface/view split.
>  - logind changes from David.
>  - Output cloning
>  - wl_shm buffer truncate exploit fix from Neil
>  - eglSwapInterval(0) (Neil)
>  - Nested wl_buffer pass-through (Neil)
>  - Touch grabs to enable touch-to-focus (Neil)
>  - Default pointer grab patch from Giulio
>  - Use gstreamer or libva helper library instead of direct
>    libva use for weston encoding.
>  - wl_subsurface scaling.
> Contributors
> As always, many people did great work to make this release happen,
> thanks to everybody involved:
>   Aaron Faanes, Adrian Negreanu, Alexandru DAMIAN, Ander Conselvan de
>   Oliveira, Andrew Wedgbury, Armin K, Axel Davy, Brian J Lovin, Brian
>   Lovin, Bryce Harrington, Bryce W. Harrington, Chang Liu, Daiki Ueno,
>   Daniel Stone, Eduardo Lima, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Giulio Camuffo,
>   Hardening, Jason Ekstrand, Jiergir Ogoerg, José Bollo, Kristian
>   Høgsberg, Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne, Maksim Melnikau, Marc
>   Chalain, Marek Ch, Michael Fu, Neil Roberts, Paul Winwood, Peng Wu,
>   Peter Hutterer, Pier Luigi Fiorini, Quentin Glidic, Rob Bradford,
>   Rolf Morel, Rusty Lynch, Sam Spilsbury, Samuel Iglesias Gonsalvez,
>   Stanislav Vorobiov, Stefan Schmidt, Tomeu Vizoso
> thanks,
> Kristian
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