[RFC] wl_surface video protocol extension

Jonas Kulla nyocurio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 18:10:53 CEST 2013

2013/10/16 Jonas Kulla <nyocurio at gmail.com>

> 2013/10/16 Frederic Plourde <frederic.plourde at collabora.co.uk>
>> Hi everybody
>> We're having needs for a streaming_video-capable wl_surface. An extended
>> surface that could "queue buffers up" along with presentation timestamps in
>> the compositor so that videosink clients (like gstreamer's wayland
>> videosink) could more effectively and precisely synchronize audio and video
>> on specific time cues.
>> I'd like your comments/opinion about this first draft of the protocol.
>> Protocol and interfaces names, language, set of requests, etc...
>> The idea for now is to let the clients queue buffers in advance and clear
>> the queue abruptely for cases where they'd need, e.g. to "pause" the
>> streaming.We're still having a whole bunch of implementation-wise
>> questions, but that's a start. It'd be awesome if I had your feedback on
>> this protocol.
>> Thanks !
>> Frederic Plourde
> Hi,
> it might just be a stupid thought of mine, but it would be kinda cool
> if there was wayland protocol for creating an EGLStream [1] backed
> surface.
> Thank
Sorry, GMail send my mail too early.. Here's the EGLStream spec link:

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