Globals deletion

Marek Ch mchqwerty at
Mon Oct 21 11:09:46 CEST 2013


I have got one question. In documentation of wl_registry's global_remove
event is:

"This event notifies the client that the global identified by name is no
longer available. If the client bound to the global using the bind request,
the client should now destroy that object.
The object remains valid and **requests to the object will be ignored until
the client destroys it** ... ."

Consider this code (I'll choose wl_seat as a global):

DISPLAY                                                            CLIENT
\\ create display, globals, etc..                                 ....
     ....                                                       seat = get
wl_seat proxy ..
     ....                                                               \\
do something
   wl_global_destroy(seat)                                       ....

If I understand the documentation correctly then the
wl_seat_get_{pointer|touch} should be ignored, because these are requests
to already deleted object. Or am I missing something?

Marek Ch
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