[PATCH mesa v4] wayland: Add support for eglSwapInterval

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Mon Oct 28 05:20:31 PDT 2013


On 28 October 2013 11:19, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net> wrote:
> I'm still concerned about platforms with high resolution displays but
> relatively little memory.
> I'm thinking of the RPi, but my understanding is that Android goes to
> great lengths to reduce the number of buffers that clients have to
> keep, because of general memory consumption, but also because scanout
> buffers are precious when you try to get the smoothest of the
> experiences that is possible on these phones.
> I think we should still consider adding a flag through which the
> client can tell the compositor to send the release events immediately
> instead of queuing them.
> Otherwise, the compositor is making a very broad assumption on the
> client's inner workings if it assumes that release events can be
> queued without a negative impact on performance.

Yeah, I agree.  Maybe it could be an eglQueryWaylandBufferWL parameter
for EGL buffers?

Ramping up the number of buffers used just isn't an option on
platforms with not massive amounts of memory, but enormous displays.
It also kinda cancels out some of the buffer_age benefits too.  I take
the point that this is solving a different symptom of the same
problem, but I'm worried that it'll paper over the problem and we'll
end up just shipping patched versions (or fielding bug reports) on ARM


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