[PATCH weston 0/6] ivi-shell proposal

Nobuhiko Tanibata NOBUHIKO_TANIBATA at xddp.denso.co.jp
Wed Sep 4 19:08:53 PDT 2013


Thank you for feedback.
My motivation is to support ivi protocol like destop and tablet. Recently, 
ivi segment on Linux is grawing and tries to use OSS component, Weston. I 
thoutht if Weston supports ivi protocol, it would be used by ivi system 
Plugin sytele lets me more freedom, yes, you are correct. On the another 
view, I think it would make many set of ivi protocols. This patch proposes 
the basic set of protocol which may be required for ivi.

Best regards,

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this is interesting but why didn't you choose to write a shell plugin? 
Personally I don't think this should be merged in Weston master, since it's 
out of Weston scope afaik.
Having a plugin gives you much more freedom in what to do, and you can have 
your own release cycle.

2013/9/4 Nobuhiko Tanibata <NOBUHIKO_TANIBATA at xddp.denso.co.jp>


This series implements ivi-shell to fulfill use cases of In-Vehicle 
Infotainment, IVI. Such use cases are well overviewed in a project; Genivi 
IVI layer management.

A motivation of this series and basis idea are introduced by Ossama at 
Automotive Linux Summit 2012 spring. The series implements ivi-shell part. 
Additionally, GENIVI LM Client Library at slide 20 is contributed to 
ivi-layer-management project to support compatible interfaces for Genivi 
Layer management users.

Before I start implementation of ivi-shell, Core members of Genivi IVI layer 
management defined draft of ivi-shell.xml to fulfill requirements of IVI 
layer management, inviting Kristian. The series also includes the 
ivi-shell.xml with updates I faced in actual implementation.

Please give me any suggestions.

Best regards,

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