[PATCH 0/10] Add a mechanism for nested compositors to use subsurfaces without blitting

Neil Roberts neil at linux.intel.com
Mon Sep 9 08:39:48 PDT 2013


Here is a series of patches to provide a way for a nested compositor to
present its clients using subsurfaces so that it can attach the client's
buffers directly to the subsurface without having to perform a blit to an
intermediate buffer.

The first patch is for Mesa which adds an extension containing the following

struct wl_buffer *
eglCreateWaylandBufferFromImageWL(EGLDisplay dpy, EGLImageKHR image);

The rest of the patches modify the nested example in Weston so that it can
take advantage of it.

I'm currently having two problems with this example:

• It seems to cause the nested-client to cycle between three buffers while
rendering whereas previously it would only use two. I may have messed
something up with the ordering between the frame callbacks and the buffer
release events but I'm not sure yet.

• For some reason if you move the cursor to somewhere near the middle of the
surface then it will change to the resize grabber and it will let you resize
the window.

Any advice on these problems would be much appreciated.

- Neil

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