How to check if OpenGL is supported?

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at
Mon Sep 9 21:06:55 PDT 2013

Hi, I'm interested to get Blender (OpenGL 3d graphics application)
running with wayland/weston.

However I cant tell if my configuration can even run simple OpenGL
applications (the more recent weston for arch-linux 1.2.2 has no

Whats a good way to see if loading opengl/egl applications is supported?

Some more info in case it helps.

A while back I managed to run weston but no opengl applications would
work (weston-gears for example didn't start but weston-smoke did, It
gave some error about not being able to setup EGL).
I spent some time trying to get this running but I think it simply
wasn't supported by proprietary-nvidia & mesa configuration.

More recently I tried again with a newer weston but now I cant find
weston-gears so not sure how to test.

There is a git repo that Wander Costa has been working on, but its
crashing on my system (opengl context fails to initialize).

So I want to know if this is a bug in the code or just a limitation
with my configuration.

- Campbell

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