[PATCH weston 1/2 v2] input: Emit events on all resources for a client

Neil Roberts neil at linux.intel.com
Mon Sep 23 04:57:26 PDT 2013

Kristian Høgsberg <hoegsberg at gmail.com> writes:

> Instead of this manual marker, you can add comments like the above
> below the three dashes that git inserts between the commit message and
> the actual patch. git am will take the text up until the --- marker as
> the commit message and discard everything from there on until the
> actual patch.

This isn't quite a manual marker. If you apply the patch using ‘git am
--scissors’ it will automatically cut out the message at the top. You
can also do ‘git config --global mailinfo.scissors yes’ to set that
automatically. I'm not sure why that's not the default. I think the
scissors are slightly nicer than putting a comment next to the diffstat
because you can put the message at the beginning of the email. However
I'm happy to follow whatever convention the list uses.

It looks like the ‘From’ tag got messed up when the patch was applied so
now it has given me credit for Rob's patch and I have now co-authored it
with myself. Git is hard!

- Neil
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