An idea for a newbie project: Wayland protocol dumper

Neil Roberts neil at
Wed Apr 9 05:52:26 PDT 2014

I think this could be really useful. I've struggled a few times trying
to filter the output from WAYLAND_DEBUG=server when I only want to know
about a particular client.

Pekka Paalanen <ppaalanen at> writes:

> - Some messages carry file descriptors. Is it possible to write a
> proxy without having the protocol definition (XML files) needed to
> decode the messages? If not, the dumper won't work for unknown
> protocol extensions.

The file descriptors come out-of-band as ‘control data’. Presumably we
could make the tracer always read the control data when it reads from
the socket and if it sees a file descriptor it can just pass it on
without having to understand the protocol.

- Neil

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