The road to Wayland/Weston 1.6 and 1.5.1

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Mon Aug 18 04:35:49 PDT 2014

Hi all,

in the release announcement of 1.5.0[1] it was said that the alpha
release towards 1.6 should come out mid-August. That time is now, so
how about we target Friday, Aug 22nd (European time)?

I know the review process has been lagging behind badly, and we
probably won't see e.g. IVI-shell merged for 1.6, but I try to do what
I can. What major features have been forgotten on the mailing list
unmerged, that you would like to see included in 1.6?

I can't promise anything, and I know at least none of my new features
(Presentation extension, new repaint scheduling algorithm, repaint
timeline logging, DRM universal planes & nuclear pageflip support,
linux_dmabuf protocol sketch, and some smaller things) brewing in my
personal 'next' branch will not make it.

Obviously a stable first version of xdg_shell would be great to see in
1.6, but we shall see if we can beat it into shape in time. When I
reviewed the XML spec not long ago, it was close but not ready in my

When xdg_shell does stabilize, we will move xdg_shell.xml into Wayland
repository and it will be installed, but all build-time users of it must
generate their own wrappers with wayland-scanner or equivalent. This
means that libwayland-client will not contain any xdg_shell symbols or
headers pre-generated. I asked Kristian and he was ok with this plan,
and I have also talked a little on #wayland-devel, that maybe this
would be a good idea. If this turns out a bad idea, we can always fix
it later. Doing it the other way around would be near impossible.

Should we make libinput the default for 1.6, so that in 1.7 we can
remove the old input code, or is libinput API still too much in flux?

Also, it was said that 1.5.1 should have come out in "a few weeks" and
it has been 3 months now. I will try and check the patches already in
'master' of both Wayland and Weston and pick them to the 1.5 branches,
but if you know of patches that should be in stable, especially ones
without review or not in 'master', let me know and I try do something.
My selection, especially for Wayland, will probably be very
conservative, though, as my priority is 1.6.



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