[ANNOUNCE] libxkbcommon 0.4.3

Ran Benita ran234 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 10:35:39 PDT 2014

A new release of libxkbcommon, containing mostly bug-fixes.

libxkbcommon 0.4.3 - 2014-08-19

- Fixed a bug which caused xkb_x11_keymap_new_from_device() to misrepresent
  modifiers for some keymaps.


- Fixed a bug which caused xkb_x11_keymap_new_from_device() to ignore XKB

- Modifiers are now always fully resolved after xkb_state_update_mask().
  Previously the given state components were used as-is, without
  considering virtual modifier mappings.
  Note: this only affects non-standard uses of xkb_state_update_mask().

- Added a test for xkbcommon-x11, "x11comp". The test uses the system's
  Xvfb server and xkbcomp. If they do not exist or fail, the test is

- Fixed memory leaks after parse errors in the XKB yacc parser.
  The fix required changes which are currently incompatible with byacc.



git tag: xkbcommon-0.4.3

MD5:  26c57ff21438ed45de2a4ca609177db9  libxkbcommon-0.4.3.tar.xz
SHA1: 2251adc7425c816ec7af4f1c3776a619a53293b6 libxkbcommon-0.4.3.tar.xz


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