Wayland and Weston 1.6 alpha snapshot (1.5.91)

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 09:08:59 PDT 2014


here is the alpha release on our road to 1.6.0:

  0b0513706eee5a43d33f5e4bc9cafa5d78037db5  wayland-1.5.91.tar.xz
  6d0f298665e0f6b11a18ab6b6ccc49ba990b4b3e  wayland 1.5.91 tag

  59b3f1fa9456ed9cf6b21201647ce3a96c91e03b  weston-1.5.91.tar.xz
  652c794b5d54d4c3eb849746e1372bcb9c4d96d3  weston 1.5.91 tag

The release plan continues as follows:

- two weeks to let the alpha version stabilize, and only merge small
  features along with bug fixes

- RC1 release on September 5th, Friday

- bugfixing

- RC2 release on September 12th, Friday

- hopefully no more bugfixing much

- 1.6.0 release on September 19th, Friday

- at some point later master branch opens again for all new things

We have moved from a dedicated maintainer (Kristian) project to a
community maintained project, where several key people have commit
rights, but no-one is dedicated as the maintainer, at least yet. Things
started very slowly and the review backlog grew enormous, as Kristian
was no longer heroically reviewing and committing everything, and
everyone had their own $jobs to do.

Collabora agreed to let me run the alpha release as I had a convenient
break from other projects, so you could say this release is brought to
you by Collabora. ;-)

Also, a huge thank you to all contributors!

I will leave the list of new things for the final 1.6.0 announcement,
but I probably should mention xdg-shell now.

Just before this alpha release, we bumped the xdg-shell experimental
version[1]. This means that the world breaks, as the experimental
version must be matched exactly. Jasper will be bumping Mutter and Gtk
to match. We expect to have another bump before 1.6.0 is out, but after
that I think it will be solid.

Then, in 1.7.0 we plan to move the xdg-shell.xml file into Wayland, to
be installed as a stable protocol for everyone to use, and projects can
throw away their private copies of xdg-shell.xml. That would be the
point where xdg-shell starts to guarantee backwards compatibility. The
1.7.0 release should be the last flag day for xdg-shell.

I'll be updating the website with download links soon. Let the bug hunt
begin. :-)



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