launch QT app failed with wayland

Ray惻Bloodworth k870818319 at
Fri Dec 26 01:59:37 PST 2014

Hi, Thiago 

   Thanks for your reply!

>> Dec 25 03:49:45 localhost sh[597]: wl_surface at 45: error 0:
>> surface->configure already set
>> Dec 25 03:49:45 localhost sh[597]: The Wayland connection experienced a
>> fatal error (Protocol error)
>>   It was said something wrong with wayland protocol.
>>   Could anyone help me with this issue?
>Put a breakpoint in any of the two messages and give us a backtrace.
>Please be sure you're using a "wayland-egl" plugin compiled with debug symbols
>so we can get the line numbers from where the error happened in the Qt code.

  I'm trying to get more logs...

  Is there any possibility that ico-homescreen has setted surface already and the secondary launched app(qt-wayland application) set surface again which conflicts with ico-homescreen?

  Could you tell me any possibility about this error?



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