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Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 09:18:45 PST 2014

I was wondering if my problem is not something anybody else is seeing.

I have Wayland X11 compositor running. This is on an Nvidia card with 
Nvidia drivers and therefore only SHM clients work. All other Wayland 
apps either work correctly or they fail immediately because they require 

All X windows show initially as completely black, including all the area 
for the shadows. The X application is responding to clicks and redrawing 
(tested by printing messages to stdout, which appear in the Wayland 
terminal), but the surface remains completely black. Moving the cursor 
around shows the cursor changes correctly when it hovers over the resize 
edges and corners.

In the most recent version of Wayland I can then resize the window and 
then it displays, but with several errors in the window borders and 
shadow, shown in the attached screen shot. This display updates but all 
changes are deferred until the next event (for instance if I push a 
button it does not redraw as pushed-in until I move the mouse and send a 
drag event). Again print statements reveal that my client is getting the 
expose event and drawing, it's just that the surface does not update, 
perhaps the commit has not been sent?

As nobody else seems to think there is a problem with Xserver, my best 
guess is that Xwayland is trying to use SHM but it has bugs, while EGL 
works? Another possibility is that Xwayland is broken under X11 
compostior but works on hardware backends? As I am unable to test either 
of these I cannot tell where the problem may lie.

If it is indeed either SHM or X11 compositor that is at fault, is this 
something I should work on trying to fix?
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