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> Hi, fellow graphics stack developers,
> Now that FOSDEM is over, it is time to think about the
> Google Summer of Code 2014!
> If you would like to propose a project for the GSoC 2014, please
> write your proposals at [1], before the 14th of February, in order
> to increase our chances of being an accepted organization.
> If you simply would potentially be interested in being a mentor,
> please also contact me as Google wants to have an estimate of
> the number of potential mentors we would have.

I think that a possible project for someone would be to implement the 
functionality in libinput (or possibly via uinput) where a fingerprint reader 
could act as a scroll wheel for the touchpad. This functionality is common on 
Windows laptops, but completely missing in the Linux input stack. Yes, 
alternative scroll methods exist, so this is low-priority.

One complication would be to ensure that the primary (authentication-related) 
functionality of the fingerprint reader is preserved.

Note: I am not a student, and won't qualify as a mentor, either. So this is 
just an abstract idea for somebody to pick up.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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