wl_surface_commit from different thread

Prabhu S prabhusundar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 06:03:53 PST 2014

eglSwapBuffers is a non blocking call. Normally, 3D GPU will be used both
for content creation and composition, in that case everything will end up
the GPU unit. So the end frame will be will be synchronized. (assuming 1
GPU unit).

I have a scenario, where 3D GPU being used for creating content and blit
engine used for Weston composition. I'm getting frame completion from 3D
engine in different thread (not in the same thread eglSwapBuffers calling
thread). Currently eglSwapBuffers calling thread need to wait for the frame
completion and then call wl_surface_commit to notify Wayland compositor.
This takes out most of the performance since GPUs are not active all the

wl_surface_commit cannot be called from different thread AFAIK. Some
advise, suggestions would be appreciated.

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