Xserver errors

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 13:21:13 PST 2014

Okay, recompiling the newest xserver and mesa, and removing the 
"gallium" driver from mesa, has helped a *little*.

X windows now show their correct contents initially, and redraw 
immediately in response to events.

However the graphics are still as screwed up as before, with all the 
window edges + shadows either missing or drawn incorrectly. It looks 
exactly like the previous screenshot I sent. Is anybody else seeing this?

Another concern is that my fltk2 applications do not see any mouse 
clicks until the window is resized. I suspect there is a bug in fltk2 
causing it to ignore them, but the bug must be triggered by an unusual 
delivery of events from xwayland compared to other x servers. It may be 
a good idea to fix this, I will try to locate exactly what assumption 
fltk2 is doing.

I also want to ask again for somebody to send example configurations 
they use to compile mesa as I do feel that may be the source of a lot of 
my troubles.

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