[PATCH weston] Popup stacking

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 12:30:32 PST 2014

I would greatly prefer if the demo Wayland compositor did not enforce 
"active on top". This assumption is causing endless grief, it makes drag 
& drop impossible and overlapping windows useless.

A lower window that wants a popup or transient should end up with the 
popup or transient above any higher windows. There certainly should be 
no need to "activate", and you really should not be using the word 
"activate" when "raise" is the side-effect you want.

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> From: Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <emilio.pozuelo at collabora.co.uk>
> Hi,
> These two patches fix bug #74831 in two different ways. One of them,
> originally written by Philip, positions the popup on top of all other
> surfaces in the layer. That means that you can still end up with the
> parent surface behind a second parent (as the comment in the commit
> explains).
> The other commit activates a surface when you right-click on it. That
> is what at least gnome-shell does (I don't know about other WMs) and
> we may want to do the same. That change fixes the pop positioning bug
> because the parent surface is going to be on top, so placing the popup
> just above the parent surface is enough to have it on top of everything
> else.
> I'm leaning towards the second approach (activating the surface upon right
> click). Thoughts?
> Emilio

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