[PATCH 1/5] shell: add taskbar and taskbar_handler widgets

lokatenmay18 . erik.narstrom at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 22:18:46 PST 2014

I think it's unvise to have spascil logic for taskbar.

the taskbar/panel shold be treatad as a tiled window,

i sugest that instand of maximation fyling up a hole window,
it shold fill up a hole tile add put in the botum of the window order
( all other window reming on top even when the "maxemized"
window are infocus).

this would mean that taskbar whish is an other tile would remine
visable when a window is maximazed...

and in senarior with mulitple monitors we culd split the sreen in
tiles so a maximazed window only cover the area respentated by
one monitor...

futer more when one window is maximazde in one tile the maximaztion
option shuld be replazed whit the capebelade to split the tile either
vertically or horesanely...

any thoghts on this ide?

thanks, EKG
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