1.4 Beta (1.3.92) Test Results

Eoff, Ullysses A ullysses.a.eoff at intel.com
Mon Jan 20 11:58:18 PST 2014


These test results only cover the Weston compositor with the DRM and X11 Backends and the Desktop Shell (w/cairo-glesv2) on specific Intel-based hardware (listed below).  The issues listed in this report are only those that were observed during this testing and do not represent all known Wayland and Weston issues (see <http://bugs.freedesktop.org> for a full list).


Automated test pass rate (99%) improved +1% over Alpha 1 (1.3.91) as a result of resolving the Weston buffer-count check test (bug 72835).  The remaining failures (from wayland-fits) are related to unsupported EFL-Wayland on Weston features (i.e. window iconify, window move, and sticky windows)... so in essence, the automated tests are passing 100%.  The automated test suites executed are Wayland Check, Weston Check, and Wayland-Fits (core and efl - <https://github.com/01org/wayland-fits>). 

Manual test pass rate (84%) improved +11% over Alpha 1 (1.3.91)!  Lots of great fixes went in.  Manual tests were executed on two (2) different stacks for this testing cycle.  The first stack was composed of all "stable" released components and was used to execute the majority of test cases on a Fedora 19 OS.  The second stack was similar to the first with the exception of unstable Mesa and unstable Systemd components... these unstable parts were necessary to test the new logind, buffer pass-through, and egl swap interval 0 features and executed on a Fedora 20 OS.


Sandy Bridge (B810 @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit (for Manual Testing)
Sandy Bridge (B810 @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 20 64-bit (for Manual Testing)
Sandy Bridge (i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 32-bit (for Automated Testing)
Sandy Bridge (i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit (for Automated Testing)
Ivy Bridge (i5-3317U @ 1.7 GHz) Fedora 19 64-bit (for Automated Testing)

::Software Stacks::


wayland (HEAD) 1.3.92-0-gc102c20
drm (HEAD) libdrm-2.4.50-0-g4c5de72
mesa (HEAD) remotes/origin/10.0-0-g3a62718
libva (HEAD) libva-1.2.1-0-g88ed1eb
intel-driver (HEAD) 1.2.1-0-g8f306e3
weston (HEAD) 1.3.92-0-gb637a40
efl (HEAD) remotes/origin/efl-1.8-0-gb63675a
elementary (HEAD) remotes/origin/elementary-1.8-0-gf7ddd25
wayland-fits (HEAD) remotes/origin/HEAD-0-gcd75d94

:::Stable + Systemd Unstable (v209+) + Mesa Unstable (v10.1+):::

systemd (master) heads/master-0-g63966da
wayland (master) 1.3.92-0-gc102c20
drm (master) libdrm-2.4.50-0-g4c5de72
mesa (master) heads/master-0-g532b1fe
libva (master) libva-1.2.1-0-g88ed1eb
intel-driver (master) 1.2.1-0-g8f306e3
weston (master) 1.3.92-0-gb637a40
efl (efl-1.8) heads/efl-1.8-0-gb63675a
elementary (elementary-1.8) heads/elementary-1.8-0-gf7ddd25
wayland-fits (HEAD) remotes/origin/HEAD-0-gcd75d94

::Manual Test Results::

Passed: 84% (119/142)
Failed: 13% (19/142)
NotRun/Blocked: 3% (4/142)

::Automated Test Results::

Passed: 99% (1254/1272)
Failed: 1% (18/1272)

::Issues Encountered (new and pre-existing)::

Zoom and touch don't work correctly together:
LibVA h.264 capture/encoding causes Weston to hang:
weston-calibrator always pops up on primary display in multi-head setup:
weston-keyboard always pops-up on primary display in multi-head setup:
Titlebar titles and hotspots aren't updated after maximize until pointer move:
weston-subsurfaces does not render/display:
weston-simple-egl fullscreening causes client application flicker:
Clients render incorrectly when output is reassigned after original output unplugged:
Unable to unlock Weston when context menu or tooltip exists:
Exposay: surfaces should stay on their outputs:
Compositor Bypass does not work on secondary display:
SIGSEGV in ping_timeout_handler:
SIGSEGV: rapid vt-switching + logind + multihead crashes weston:
SIGSEGV in weston_keyboard_set_focus:
Incorrect surface rendering in fullscreen mode when exposay is activated:
SIGSEGV in evdev_process_touch when original output is plugged back:
SIGSEGV in weston_fade_run crashes Weston:
Application always displays up on seated output:
weston-resizor does not maximize while it is animating:
Interference between multi touch events:

::Issues Resolved and Verified Since Alpha 1::

weston-editor crashes when writing a long line:
SIGSEGV - Text input protocol attempts to post event to dead or dying resource:
hot-unplug primary (left) output causes secondary (right) output to stop rendering clients:
Weston always records from primary display on Multi Head:
weston-keyboard disappears during text entry:
Weston infinite loop, 100% CPU when client preview activated during fullscreen:
desktop-shell dies when closing unlock dialog:
gcc: fatal error: no input files for weston-simple-im and --disable-clients:
buffer-count Weston test failing:
SIGSEGV in Weston run_touch_binding:
Unable to map touch device to output:
Weston SEGV or SIGILL while hot-unplug output with actively rendering client:
weston-subsurfaces flicker on window resize:
Weston crashes on zooming in and out events:
deskop-shell tooltips should be destroyed when their output is removed (SEGV triggered):
weston-editor entry fields do not respond to touch:
Weston clients warp between outputs with multiple touch device setup:
Arrow keys on weston-keyboard do not respond to touch:
Weston assumes touch device is in touch up state at startup...:
SIGSEGV in weston_view_unmap called from text_input_activate:
Touch device not mapped to hotplugged output:
SIGSEGV in common_surface_move:


U. Artie Eoff
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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