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Fabrice Rey fabounet03 at
Wed Jul 2 11:39:40 PDT 2014

> "I am not sure if wayland should allow this, and whether there are
clients that expect this to work"
Well, there is at least one application that exists and displays a ring of
icons under the mouse. So, it needs to tell the compositor to place its
window to (dx;dy) relatively to the mouse.
(Under X, it will retrieve the current mouse and then place its window, but
since this behavior is not possible under Wayland, the second one becomes

2014-07-02 1:00 GMT+02:00 Bill Spitzak <spitzak at>:

> What I meant was:
> If in fact the mouse is pointing at the same surface that receives the
> keystroke (and then creates the popup menu) there is no problem, as that
> client knows the relative position of the mouse verses that surface and can
> therefore use relative positioning to it to place the popup menu.
> Assuming there is no problem with child windows raising their parent (if
> there is this is a bug that has to be fixed in the compositor) then the
> client could also do this if the mouse is pointing to any one of it's
> surfaces.
> Where this gets difficult is if the desired behavior on the keystroke is
> to "grab" the mouse and popup the menu whereever it happens to be. I am not
> sure if wayland should allow this, and whether there are clients that
> expect this to work, but I can't see any way of doing this that does not
> involve a round trip: message from client to server to grab the mouse,
> response from the server after the grab saying where the mouse is relative
> to the surface, and the client creating a window and positioning it using
> this relative position.
> On 07/01/2014 03:39 PM, Fabrice Rey wrote:
>>  > "When the keyboard and mouse focus are the same surface then relative
>> coordinates for the popup can be used"
>> There is no window having focus here. Or maybe there is, but it's not
>> the surface of the "circular menu", which is hidden, and only appears
>> when pressing a shortkey (about global shortkeys, that's another point
>> I'll come back to later, let's assume we can have global shortkeys on
>> Wayland for now).
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