Window placement

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Thu Jul 3 00:00:27 PDT 2014

On Wed, 2 Jul 2014 20:57:47 +0200
Fabrice Rey <fabounet03 at> wrote:

> > " Why does it not have a parent window, if it is a normal application?"
> There is only 1 window in this application; there is no menu or whatever.
> The "circular menu" is just its name, it's not even a menu. It's an
> application that owns a surface to display stuff on it, and has to place
> this surface centered on the mouse.
> > "Sounds like it is not a normal application but a component of the DE,"
> Nope, it's a regular application that can work on any Window Manager
> currently, and should be able to work on any Compositor as well.

No, your video of the thing proves, that it really is a DE component,
see my other reply today.

> > " It sounds more like a DE feature."
> As I said to Bill, there is currently such an application, and it's not
> linked to Gnome/KDE/any-DE. Really it shouldn't, we need to have
> compositor-agnostic applications. If KDE apps start to not work under
> Gnome, we're in a serious trouble.

That thing is not a normal desktop application. It is only an artefact
of the unsecurity and lack of policy of the X11 protocol, that you can
actually write such generic but global can-do-whatever apps. The X11
server is really a slave to all the clients. A Wayland server is not.

The whole premise you are assuming here is not what we have in mind for
Wayland. I explain that in my other email.


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