Global shortkeys and keyboard focus

Fabrice Rey fabounet03 at
Thu Jul 3 13:38:34 PDT 2014

Hi all,
This topic came up in my previous one about window placement, and I'd like
to go further.
So currently there is no such thing as Global shortkeys and keyboard focus,
however let me present a typical real use-case:

I have a dock which is most of the time hidden (because a window is
overlaps it) and some applets inside. Using the keyboard is therefore a
very convenient a fast way to access the items inside.
For instance, ctrl+F1 pops the Applications Menu, which has a text entry
inside; the entry takes the focus so I can immediately type some letters,
and the menu will only display the relative applications.
Down arrow + Enter let select the desired one if it's not already on the
first row.

I could also pop up the translation dialog with another shortkey,
immediately type the word I want to translate, press Enter, and see the

Now, I've read some vague things about privileged clients, is it still
being considered ?
Would it be some Android-like capabilities that the user validates on
installation or the first time they are required by the application ?
What are the plans for these 2 key features ?
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