Global shortkeys and keyboard focus

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Tue Jul 8 15:26:07 PDT 2014

A couple of notes on the previous emails,

Fabrice, so long as your app ensures that no third-party code can programmatically grab a shortcut without user agreement, it would make sense to let it have a privilege.

Quite obviously a compo should have the last word and be able to refuse a request to grab a certain shortcut. If this happens, compo developers please do provide the requesting app a displayable/translatable explanation that your end-users would understand ;)

I don't quite like the idea of a permission prompt from the compo for setting up keyboard shortcuts. In the vast majority of cases the user is already using a specific GUI for that and possibly setting up more than one shortcut (e.g. shortcuts to newly installed media app), so it'd be awkward for them to receive a permission prompt. I think privileges work much better here (or User-Driven Access Control with a button that when clicked displays a compositor-owned dialog inviting the user to select a global shortcut).


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