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Manuel Bachmann manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed Jul 9 00:47:26 PDT 2014

Hi folks,

This is about the IVI-Shell patches, which are provided and frequently
updated by TANIBATA Nabuhiko, the main developer and maintainer of the
IVI-Shell project.

Just to act as a reminder, IVI-Shell is providing a Weston shell interface,
linked to the GENIVI API which targets In-Vehicle Infotainment systems

And as a reminder too, here is a previous patch set (2).
I have setup a GitHub repo, which is basically a copy of the weston repo,
but with the IVI patches applied :
https://github.com/Tarnyko/weston-ivi-shell .

There is only one branch currently ("weston150_ivi-shell", which is 1.5.0
release) but I will create a "master_ivi-shell" which will follow master
with the latest updates.

So with this repo, testing the latest IVI-Shell code will only be a matter
of fetching and rebuilding.

(here is what it looks like currently : (3))

Hope it helps !

(1) : http://www.genivi.org/
(2) :
(3) : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/weston-ivi-shell.png

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