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As some of you may know, I've been working on VNC remote access for Wayland, on behalf of my employer, RealVNC.

Since this has now reached a point where it is quite usable, we'd like to make a preview version freely available for Wayland developers. I should stress that this is commercial software - although the basic version is always free to use, and we have included a license which unlocks all of the "Enterprise" features that are supported on Wayland for the purposes of development and testing. The release is in the form of binaries for 32bit and 64bit Linux, which should be installed alongside our existing VNC Server software.

This release is compiled against Wayland and Weston master branches as of 2014-07-01 (Wayland commit 113aac5 and Weston commit 32abdbb), and we will be making periodic releases to keep these up to date. We specifically use the _wl_fullscreen_shell and xdg_shell interfaces from Weston.

For more information, and to download the software, please go to:

Please note that this is intended as a preview release aimed at Wayland developers, and you will require knowledge of how to build the latest versions of Wayland and Weston in order to use it.

The reason we are doing this is simple - our software supports a wide range of platforms and technologies, and we see Wayland as an important emerging technology. We rely on the screen-share module in Weston to support remote access to existing Weston desktops, and we want to encourage the developers of other Wayland compositors and desktop environments to implement compatible mechanisms to allow remote access (not just to support VNC, but any remote access system).

Please direct any feedback or questions regarding this to waylandsupport at, since it's probably not appropriate to discuss here (unless it relates to a generic Wayland/Weston issue).


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