Keysym event in the text protocol

Trung Ngo ndtrung4419 at
Tue Jul 22 19:46:16 PDT 2014

Hi guys,

In the text protocol, there is a `keysym` event (and a corresponding 
`keysym` request in the input-method protocol). In the spec, it is used 
to 'notify when a key event was sent.' If I understand correctly then 
the whole point of this request/event pair is to fake a key press from 
the input method. If so, shouldn't it make more sense to intercept the 
keysym request at the compositor and send a key press event to the text 
application instead of passing the keysym event to the text application 
(no more keysym event in the text protocol)?

In the current design, the text application has to listen to the keysym 
event (for fake keys) and implement the key handler (for 'normal' keys) 
at the same time, potentially duplicating code and opening up the 
posibility that some applications forget to implement the keysym event 


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