[RFC libinput 00/10] Add a configuration interface

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Jun 2 22:34:53 PDT 2014

This is not finished just yet, but I figured I might as well send what I
have locally for some early feedback. The tapping and scrolling is already
hooked into the touchpad code (even though scrolling is hardcoded), the rest
is pretty much just there to show how the config interface would look like.

I'd be happy enough merging the tapping and scrolling bit, the rest not
until we have the hooks to actually make use of it. Right now I'm mostly
looking for comments. There are some rough bits in the code still too.

Hans suggested some extra interface to get a easy-to-print list of the
current settings, I don't have a good solution for that yet.


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