Wayland and Android Emulator

Claudiu Lupu lupuu.claudiu at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 09:20:56 PDT 2014


I am running 2 operating systems in paralel on a Panda Board, Android and Linux with Weston on it. Since Android doesn't have access to the GPU (it's one OS or the other) I created proxy libs for EGL, GLESv1 and GLESv2 + gralloc(emulator part).
So far all I was able to see on linux side was a colorful white noise rendered on wayland window.

I am unable to find any issues in the emulator gralloc code or in my proxy libs. If I run a simple examples(using pvrShell on client plus my proxies) I get everything drawn ok.

Are there any incompatibilities between pbuffers and wayland(I read some posts but did't answer my questions)?
Is it a good approach to get emulator code and hack it to run on Wayland or I can just ignore gralloc and just render on a wayland surface directly?

Any ideas appreciated...

Thank you!
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