Suggestions on implementing Wayland Protocol Dumper.

Srivardhan sri.hebbar at
Sun Jun 8 22:47:20 PDT 2014


The following are the ways in which a Protocol Dumper can be implemented:
1. Just before sending a message or when a message is received, the message
can be written to a file. This change can be done in libwayland under #ifdef
DEBUG. So when built enabling DEBUG, we should get all the protocol
2. We can introduce another layer in Weston for monitoring. This layer would
act as Man in the middle. This layer would listen to a socket to which all
the Wayland clients would attach and this layer would in turn attach to the
server socket. This layer would print the messages it received from the
client and would transfer to the server and vise a versa. This could be
included in #ifdef DEBUG, so that it is enabled only in DEBUG builds.

I feel the 1st approach is simpler, What are your thoughts?


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