query on seat listener function "seat_handle_capabilities" in simple-egl

Rohit Nandan pulkitnandan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 01:28:59 PDT 2014


I have a query regarding usage and functionality of a function used in seat
listener defined as seat_handle_capabilities in simple-egl.

Issue : wl_keyboard_destroy and wl_pointer_destroy are never called.

Repro steps: 1) gdb simple-egl
                    2) set breakpoint at simple-egl: 545, 548, 553, 556
                    3) It hits breakpoint at 545 & 553 unconditionally
whether mouse or keyboard are                                  connected to
device or not.

Query: In which case it'll call wl_pointer_destroy or wl_keyboard_destroy
as It never hits the breakpoint 548 & 556 either I remove keyboard or mouse
or even after wl_display_connect is called ?
Shall we explicitly call wl_keyboard_destroy or wl_pointer_destroy after
display_disconnect or there is some implicit call to seat_listener's
function which has no debug print during its execution.

Thank You
Rohit Nandan
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