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Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at
Mon Jun 16 17:34:25 PDT 2014

Hello There!

Apologies if this has been discussed for years now but I've managed to
build weston on wayland without any X11 dependency and miserably failed to
build a WebKitGTK even forcing GTK3 which does build without problems on
X-less systems.

in WebKit2 --gtk=3.0 GTK2 is still required for some reason behind the
scene but GTK2 won't build without xorg libraries which is kinda a fail
since I had to bring in X related stuff that messed up with all other builds ^_^

Qt would probably be my best bet but AFAIK they are moving from QtWebkit to
QtWebEngine and I'm not sure what's the status there (is this still the

Long story short: I'd like to have a pure wayland browser but I've no idea
how to build one without bringing X libraries in.

Can anyone please point me to a previous discussion or give me hints for a
possible solution/repo/build instructions?

Thanks a lot and most of all, thanks for Wayland, it's amazing so far!
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