How to develop an application based on opengles

Jacky (ZhiJun) Ni jni at
Sun Jun 22 20:13:13 PDT 2014

Hi all,

         I'm now porting my opengles application to wayland platform, what do I need to prepare while I'm calling "eglGetDisplay" and "eglCreateWindowSurface"?

         I've tryied the following codes in my program, 

Step1: wl_display_connect(NULL) à return a global g_nativeDisplay object, I see someone do it, so that I do it.

Step2: wl_display_get_registry, wl_registry_add_listener, wl_display_dispatch -> some APIs I'm not familiar, I see someone do it, so that I do it.

Step3: wl_egl_window_create(NULL,1280,720) à return a nativeWindow object which will be passed for EGL to Create Window Surface, I believe that the "NULL"(wl_surface*) parameter lead to the crash. But I have no idea how to get a wl_surface object.

Step4: eglGetDisplay, eglInitialize, eglChooseConfig, eglCreateContext, eglCreateWindowSurface, eglMakeCurrent, eglQuerySurface, these APIs all work fine, return no error. 

Step4: eglSwapBuffers, lead to the crash, trace the bt, I find that it is because wl_surface is NULL,

(gdb) bt

#0  0xb7e35a85 in wl_proxy_create () from /lib/

#1  0xb7e1ac10 in wl_surface_frame (wl_surface=0x0)

    at /home/jacky/Apps/Wayland/include/wayland-client-protocol.h:1355

#2  0xb7e1bfbb in dri2_wl_swap_buffers_with_damage (drv=0x8730f88, 

    disp=0x8730300, draw=0x87cc380, rects=0x0, n_rects=0)

    at platform_wayland.c:617

#3  0xb7e1c309 in dri2_wl_swap_buffers (drv=0x8730f88, disp=0x8730300, 

    draw=0x87cc380) at platform_wayland.c:702

#4  0xb7e19739 in dri2_swap_buffers (drv=0x8730f88, dpy=0x8730300, 

    surf=0x87cc380) at egl_dri2.c:1074

#5  0xb7e0cd03 in eglSwapBuffers (dpy=0x8730300, surface=0x87cc380)

at eglapi.c:811


I searched the internet but get less useful information, even now , I plan to make some fake data to initialize the wl_surface, but I have not got the definition for the struct "wl_surface", just a url( ) describe how to use its function, no initialize function...


It is so different from X11 who only need to prepare a window passed to EGL, So far, I've learned I need prepare a "wl_egl_window" and a "wl_surface" for EGL on wayland, wl_egl_window need three parameters "wl_surface", "width" and "height" to create, but "wl_surface" seems need compositor(API:"wl_compositor_create_surface" )to create, so compositor need what to create? May I need to create a compositor firstly?





Best Regards,

Jacky Ni


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