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On Jun 27, 2014 11:49 AM, "Armin K." <krejzi at> wrote:
> On 27.6.2014 20:08, Kalrish Bäakjen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am working on a project that uses EGL and defers drawing to render
>> modules. To maintain compatibility with Wayland and avoid being tied to
>> X, I have chosen OpenGL ES 3. As it is difficult for me to find
>> information about this API, I would rather use its desktop counterpart;
>> however, as said, this would make it impossible to run my application on
>> Wayland.
>> What is the status of OpenGL on Wayland? Are there any plans on
>> emancipating it from GLX?

If your concern is that your app works across window systems, then it
shouldn't be a problem.  You can get a desktop GL context through EGL on
Wayland without any problems.

The issue everyone talks about is that libGL also contains a GLX
implementation so it links against Xlib.  This will create a link-time
dependency on Xlib.  However, since your application will not be making any
GLX calls, those code-paths will never get exercised and it will gave no
runtime dependency on having an X server.  Really, this is a packaging
problem far more than it is a programming problem.

>> Thank you, and, please, forgive me if this message does not correspond
>> to these lists. Regards,
>> Kalrish
> You can request OpenGL context through EGL. libGL is a GLX implementation
and thus requires X to display stuff.

As I said above, that's not a problem.

--Jason Ekstrand
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