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Thank you both for your constructive explanations.

> "You are thinking in X11 terms now"
I'm afraid; still, we'll probably have to think of some similar hints as
"skip_taskbar/skip_pager", because there will be some windows we don't want
to see in the list of windows.

> "Btw. what if you start two desklets? Both go in the same corner? On
top of each other? Do you need to manually configure each desklet
to go in a different corner?"
well the user just positions them wherever he wants, even if it's one of
top of the other, and then they should stay like that. Ultimately, the user
should be able to decide where his windows are, who does the job is of no
importance to him. I was just concerned whether it would be possible or not.

About the rest, I can see now where you're going; seems attractive, I just
hope the various compositors can really handle the job.
Do you have any detail on how it will be implemented ? like how do you
place 2 windows of the same application ? obviously you can't rely on the
class to distinguish both, the name may change over time, ... you're not
even sure they will be created in the same order.
The desklets was just an example; say I have small script that pops 4
xterms to fill my screen, each with different options. So IIUC, contrary to
X I can't place them where I want automatically but I can place them
manually and the compositor will remember the positions for the next time.
What to I need to do so that this is possible ?

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> Thanks Pekka for the excellent response. This is going to be a really
> useful quotable mail in the future :)
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>> Those are not just temporary effects, I can actually leave the
>> windows be like that, and interact with them *correctly*. That means
>> things like mouse cursor position being relayed right for each
>> window, which cannot be done if using global coordinates.
>> If we had any global coordinates in the protocol, that would be
>> practically impossible. (While the screenshots above are using
>> 2D-projective matrices, nothing prevents you from doing completely
>> non-linear transformations, and everything will still work right
>> without any fixing in apps.)
> I just want to add: this isn't just a gimmick feature. This is actually
> used in real-world scenarios right now. If you have a high-DPI display and
> are running legacy applications, we scale up the window to 2x. If the app
> tried to place the window 10px from the bottom right of the real
> coordinates of the display, it would be far off the screen to the down and
> right.
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