[PATCH] Bug fix client apps because of output change

Wang, Quanxian quanxian.wang at intel.com
Mon Mar 10 18:48:49 PDT 2014



>> >binds with version 2 regardless of what the compositor advertised.
>> >
>> >You can compare to the "desktop_shell" global handling which seems
>> >correct.
>> [Wang, Quanxian] I will check and update that. The change will be
>> like that 1293         output->output =
>> 1294                 display_bind(desktop->display, id,
>> &wl_output_interface, version); 1295         output->server_output_id
>> = id; 1296         output->interface_version = (version < 2) ?
>> version : 2;
>Do not use the server advertized version in bind without checking it first. If the
>server version grows, the client still needs to bind with the old version, until the
>client code is ported to support the new version.
[Wang, Quanxian] Sorry for misunderstanding the interface version issue. Currently my understanding is that client apps(desktop-shell) is based on wl_output which version is under 2(including 2), so whatever wl_output upgrade or not, we can use only the function provided by wl_output interface under the version 2. Right?
Another question is, since version is from server, why not keep it as original value? when you do some operation, you just check and choose what needed based on the value(just like update_output). My suggestion is when you upgrade client app to use wl_output, we don't need to continue maintain such code.(For example from 2 to 3). The only update is the new code which want to use new function provided by newly wl_output interface. What is your idea about that?

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