[PATCH] Bug fix client apps because of output change

Wang, Quanxian quanxian.wang at intel.com
Tue Mar 11 01:38:08 PDT 2014

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>"Wang, Quanxian" <quanxian.wang at intel.com> wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> Quanxian
>> >> >binds with version 2 regardless of what the compositor advertised.
>> >> >
>> >> >You can compare to the "desktop_shell" global handling which seems
>> >> >correct.
>> >> [Wang, Quanxian] I will check and update that. The change will be
>> >> like that 1293         output->output =
>> >> 1294                 display_bind(desktop->display, id,
>> >> &wl_output_interface, version); 1295         output->server_output_id
>> >> = id; 1296         output->interface_version = (version < 2) ?
>> >> version : 2;
>> >
>> >Do not use the server advertized version in bind without checking it
>> >first. If the server version grows, the client still needs to bind
>> >with the old version, until the client code is ported to support the new version.
>> [Wang, Quanxian] Sorry for misunderstanding the interface version issue.
>Currently my understanding is that client apps(desktop-shell) is based on
>wl_output which version is under 2(including 2), so whatever wl_output upgrade
>or not, we can use only the function provided by wl_output interface under the
>version 2. Right?
>> Another question is, since version is from server, why not keep it as original
>value? when you do some operation, you just check and choose what needed
>based on the value(just like update_output). My suggestion is when you upgrade
>client app to use wl_output, we don't need to continue maintain such code.(For
>example from 2 to 3). The only update is the new code which want to use new
>function provided by newly wl_output interface. What is your idea about that?
>> >
>Let me put it more clearly. The client has been coded to support version 2. The
>server advertises version N. The agreed interface version that both can deal with
>is then min(2, N).
>You have to tell the server, what the agreed version is: you have to call
>display_bind() with version min(2, N). This way the server knows, that it must not
>send events added in versions 3 or greater, because those would crash the client.
>Also the client knows, that it cannot use requests added in versions
>N+1 or greater.
>It does not matter whether you set output->interface_version = N or min(2, N),
>because the code in the client is anyway comparing that to what it actually is coded
>for. It's just more logical to me to store the agreed version, not the server version.
[Wang, Quanxian] Thanks. Got that.
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