ANNOUNCE: New Wayland live CD

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Fri Mar 21 17:35:40 PDT 2014


I am announcing new ISOs for my Wayland Live CD, which is named after my favorite celebrity.

You can find the new ISOs here:

Once again, the larger ISO is only larger because it has more development headers, binaries with all the symbols, and more software installed to compile and download source. The smaller ISO has no other reductions in the user experience.

Also please note that all of my checkinstall built packages have the -rbos suffix, and mostly reside in /opt. So Wayland master is provided by the wayland-rbos package, NOT the libwayland package that comes from the system repos for example. 

Except there are small changes that I made for backporting a few things for the release
DIFF of the changes to the SVN:

They currently contain:
  * Wayland Master
  * Weston Master 
  * Wayland enabled Clutter
  * Wayland enabled SDL
  * Wayland enabled GTK
  * Wayland enabled QT
  * Wayland enabled EFL/Elementary
  * Wayland enabled mplayer
  * Wayland enabled gstreamer
  * Orbital for Wayland (selectable at login)
  * Hawaii for Wayland (selectable at login)
  * KDE Frameworks Wayland programs 
  * Native Calligra Wayland programs
  * Wayland enabled Gnome-shell (selectable at login) *Does not work on Virtualbox, except it can run nested
  * A graphical utility for configuring udev for weston multiseat/multi pointer
  * A rudimentary but functional Wayland login manager written in Bash, that supports user switching and session selection. 
  * Wayland enabled Enlightenment E19 *Does not work on Virtualbox
      *hardcoded screen size
  * SWC tiling Wayland server (use super+enter for terminal, and super+r for dmenu) *Does not work on Virtualbox, and does not run nested. Only tested on Intel (selectable at login)
  * Menu options to run Gnome Shell Wayland, Enlightenment e19 Wayland, Orbital, SWC, and Hawaii desktops as nested sessions. 

  More security on KMS supported cards, and will be more secure on FB, once bug is fixed and I remove the setfacls from waylandloginmanager, by relying on udev's UACCESS attribute, instead of global ACLs

  Waylandloginmanager's loginmanagerdisplay weston instance, as well as all Zenity dialogs for the waylandloginmanager run as the daemom user, instead of root.

  Waylandloginmanager has been improved to support entering a custom user name, if it doesn't appear from the user list, the user list shows the real names, the control fifo is write only for a standard user, so that they can't read the FIFO before the loginmanger, and a seperate FIFO for registering session information is root only, so that it can't be filled with fake data.  

  Waylandloginmanager now handles the cancel button being pressed in the Zenity dialogs

  Waylandloginmanager now doesn't allow the user to flood with multiple login/info dialogs open at a time by mistake, or by a malicious program sending a command to the FIFO repeatedly to try to create a low memory condition.

  Waylandloginmanager now reads the loginmanager_control FIFO with a maximum read size, so that a local user can't cause it to eat memory and crash by filling it with /dev/zero, however under a unit test, I was able to crash a bash process reading a FIFO, by filling it up with /dev/random. I don't know how to reproduce it, but it could be a bug in bash, and I don't know if the bash process can be exploited with this bug.

  Waylandloginmanager now has a Weston independent dialog for user actions, without the mandatory launchers in the panel, (even though they are still currently configured).

  Usability fixes.

  Wayland/Weston 1.4+


  More native KDE applications
  mutter-wayland has been built to a recent revision, GTK is backported to the 3.11.0 tag for now (because later versions use XDG_Shell, which isn't yet supported by all sessions or servers.

  Contains the latest KDE Frameworks, which allows many KDE applications to run as native Wayland clients


***There is no password for the Live Session User (beccaholic), while autologin is enabled when starting as a live CD, if you get prompted for a password when starting a second login session, the password field is blank***
If you choose to install, the live session user does not get added, and instead the login becomes the default username and password that is configured at the installation wizard

In order for Enlightenment to start, you need to pass wlminputinsecure to the kernel command line. This argument is picked up by the Waylandloginmanager, and grant all plugdev (default) users permissions to the devices in /dev/input/* at all times. This allows local users to eavesdrop on these files, (which is the users input), but it's a temporary workaround for Enlightenment. 
*By default the input device files are secure.
**Warning: when the live CD is started in non-framebuffer mode, the wlminputinsecure option IS passed by default. (but not when installed)

fa58c7b66ee1cedbf6f1f082d15ba8f9  RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso
6b8f4315efe65e290d4055e2f2d19ad6  RebeccaBlackLinux_Reduced_i386.iso

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