[RFC PATCH 2/6] Attach input profiles and build corresponding LUTs

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b-list at gmx.de
Mon Mar 31 02:38:34 PDT 2014

Am 30.03.2014 13:36, schrieb Niels Ole Salscheider:
> This implements the functionality to attach a profile to a surface
> in weston. An LUT is built from the profile that can be used to
> transform colors from the input color space to the blending color
> space.
> This patch uses the sRGB color space as blending space because it
> uses 8 bit LUTs for now and I want to avoid additional banding. In
> the long term we should use a linear blending space though to get
> correct results.

Banding will be serious with a pure linear gamma in 8-bit encoded
3D-LUT. pre- and post per channel processing can help to reduce the

kind regards

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