Release candidate 1 out for 1.5 (1.4.92)

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at
Thu May 1 14:47:43 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've just tagged the 1.4.92 release candidate in git and uploaded tarballs:

  0dbe48041a90b8f62993270ca11d29b84c9fe12f  wayland-1.4.92.tar.xz
  4a4523fa92e8a1110b84d3595a2467bd16dc22af  wayland 1.4.92 tag

  2afea6c88f796c03ba924f67f8fff38b89e8276a  weston-1.4.92.tar.xz
  d7d71e8d962d7d82f0d1419a163e1fb6e024f749  weston 1.4.92 tag

We're at a historic low in terms of open bugs - as of this writing we have
15 bugs in wayland/weston bugzilla.  There are a few more bugs we can fix
and I expect more will come in as we start testing, but right now it's
looking pretty good.  We'll do another release candidate a week from now
and then release 1.5 a week after that.  If everything looks super-duper
for RC1 we might even just release that, but lets see how it goes.


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