Second and final release candidate for 1.5 (1.4.93)

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at
Mon May 12 16:31:15 PDT 2014


Here's the second release candidate for Wayland and Weston 1.5:

  ee6d6367ef6c3f6b46e39ce6b4568f316e2d1667  wayland-1.4.93.tar.xz
  8511544e6be4385a87d2111c87f7f397c63c43ff  wayland 1.4.93 tag

  9d81584d203cc10ad7d9c49b18ffe2642ee5d7d4  weston-1.4.93.tar.xz
  7098948463836104c28f6adc0b41cd08462873a7  weston 1.4.93 tag

One small wrinkle with this release is that the tag for wayland 1.4.93
isn't the commit that bumps the version, it's the commit
just after that which downgrades the wayland-scanner error to a warning.

We have around 30 commits since 1.4.92 most of which are bug fixes, some
documentation and test suite tweaks.  In wayland we have a few static
analysis fixes and a build fix, but not a whole lot there.

If all goes well, we'll ship this as 1.5 in a few days.  I expect we'll do a
1.5.1 release a few weeks later (beginning of June), mostly to pull in
Tanibatas ivi-shell, Andrews west.ini key for screen-share and Giullio's
clipping feature.

With this, I've also branched off a 1.5 branch and we can start merging
work for master again.


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