Updated Wayland Live CD with Wayland/Weston 1.5

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net
Wed May 28 05:35:20 PDT 2014


I have uploaded new RebeccaBlackOS Wayland Live CD ISOs named after my favorite celebrity to SourceForge. By now they should be replicated throughout the SourceForge mirrors.

They now have Wayland 1.5, and are based on Ubuntu 14.04 packages. The smaller ISO without development headers and packages is called RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso, while the larger one with headers is called RebeccaBlackLinux_DevDbg_i386.iso

All the features including a direct startup to a Wayland server (weston), Wayland enabled GTK, SDL, EFL, QT, and Kde Frameworks 5 applications, and a graphical tool to configure multipointer Weston are in this ISO too.
Wayland environments include the default Weston shell, Orbital, Hawaii, Gnome-Shell-Wayland, and Enlightenment, and swc. Gnome-Shell-Wayland, Enlightenment, and swc do not work on VirtualBox. 

I also enabled Weston's freerdp support in this ISO, and can easily be called as the user with the command westonrdpcaller. The remote session is NOT password protected.

Systemd v212 has also been switched as the default init system over upstart for supporting Mutter-Wayland's ability to run as the user without the setuid binary
	However, I had to manually import and tweak many init files from a Fedora live CD, as systemd unit files are not packaged in with Ubuntu yet.
	I tried to ensure that everything starts up the best I can, and I think that most other software that I missed like apache uses sysvinit startup files

Some Problems and notes:
	I have noticed on an older Intel, that there are some Mesa issues however, so I added a fallback wsession that starts up weston with its pixman renderer.

	Enlightenment-Wayland is in early development. The screen size seems to be currently hardcoded to 1920x1200. I recommend experimenting with the nested version from the menu or the command
		enlightenmentnestedcaller instead for now

	Also, to support Enlightenment for now, the WaylandLoginManager supports when the string wlminputinsecure is passed to the kernel command line, which allows global access to all input device files.
	It's passed when the live CD is started without a framebuffer option, but when it's installed, you will have to pass wlminputsecure to the kernel yourself. 
		Just a security notice in the rare case someone tries to start a multi user live session...

	In the swc session, if it starts all black, and just a cursor, it's working. programs start with super+enter for the terminal and super+r for the menu.

	Please don't use this distribution in production environments

You can get the files here
or see my build script source here
or patches that the scripts apply to the source repos that get downloaded.

d378e8e5d049429566323d13e2748745  RebeccaBlackLinux_DevDbg_i386.iso
ebbbb32c7016923b1ef593c3efb9bb86  RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso

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