[PATCH Weston 1/1] desktop-shell: implement autolaunch

Frederic Plourde frederic.plourde at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 08:59:30 PST 2014

On 14-10-30 04:06 AM, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
> Below I'll attach what I had written earlier but not sent, because
> then I realized the server vs. weston-desktop-shell thing. If we do
> autolaunch in the server, the below more or less applies again.
> **
> Okay, if Fred or someone actually has time to do all that refactoring
> and writing, it's cool. It's just more work than simply adding
> autolaunch, which was the original goal here.

Yes, I definitely have time to tackle this as well.
We'll discuss it some more in a short while. thanks.

> So, we need to cater for two different cases:
> a) start a client with a pre-made connection (set WAYLAND_SOCKET), and
> b) start a new arbitrary process (do not set WAYLAND_SOCKET).
> Thanks,
> pq
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