ANNOUNCE: New Wayland Live CD ISOs

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Sat Nov 15 14:03:06 PST 2014

On Monday, October 27, 2014 11:05:18 PM nerdopolis wrote:
> Hi. 
> I have decided to announce new ISOs for my Wayland live CD, named in honor my favorite celebrity, Rebecca Black.
> These ISOs have been built by SVN revision 3013, and are based on Utopic, with Wayland/Weston 1.6+ (master).
> SuperTux2, which has recently ported to SDL2, is now on the ISO, which is the means there is a native SDL2 application on the ISO, other than the demos (finally).
> The WaylandLoginManager:
> 	Now supports Wayland servers that run as Wayland clients, such as Kwin, and Greenisland, although there aren't any selectable sessions that use this yet.
> 	Now filters all data sent to the communication FIFO with grep running as daemon, so that it can't be crashed, as although I haven't heard of any of the vulnerabilities through the bash read command, it's better to be safe.
> 	Now be reloaded, without it losing fast user switching data, and jumping to the wrong tty.
> 	Now starts all fallback text dialogs as the daemon user instead of root, in the case Weston fails to start on particular hardware.
> Also, I tried to make a few efforts to control the ISO size, and there where a few changes to select better default applications on the Weston panel, for better desktop like usability. They are all now native Wayland applications, except for the xterm dedicated to starting xwayland apps instead.
> Like the last ISOs, these have GTK, Qt, SDL, Enlightenement for Wayland toolkits, and Gnome Shell and Weston and Enlightenment and SWC for Wayland desktops.
> Unfortunately this ISO does not have Orbital, Hawaii, or Calligra, as it is depending on libweston, which is yet to be merged, Hawaii is depending on some yet to be merged changes in QtWayland's QtCompositor for screen handling, and Calligra's QT5 port is paused, (but I hear they plan to overhaul the Qt 5 port in the near future.)
> In a future ISO, once I figure out how to run it, and it becomes more runnable, I will have kwin/plasma as a selectable Wayland session.
> md5sum:
> c538d6209cf8c5924961bc5075aa6865  RebeccaBlackLinux_DevDbg_i386.iso
> 64948e151ec09f422ae23b1658cea512  RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso
> 4efb20c5912e27571554638d35815a2b  RebeccaBlackLinux_Revisions_i386.txt
> a1427af2bb1c3b7f10c6c68d3ac79599  RebeccaBlackLinux_Source_i386.tar.gz
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I pushed some new ISOs out with some fixes, as there where some problems in the October ISOs:

ISO files are here:

The changes:

Uaccess permissions on devices now work again (I was missing libacl1-dev after reducing some packages). This allows sound to work, and hardware rendering to work. I didn't realize this until too late, and after I pushed the October ISO.

Fixed the UI in the WaylandLoginManager to be less confusing, and not make the "select an action" dialog box appear again after the user selects an action, until the action is finished. 

Fixed the text in the application selector to make sense, and not be the default "Choose the application to open the selected files with"

Added a boot option to fall over to software rendering, wlmforceswrender. when the waylandloginmanager detects this option in the kernel command line, it exports EGL_SOFTWARE=1 to all Wayland sessions. This replaces the previous option to have weston fallback sessions that previously forced using pixman. The fallback to software rendering is user accessible in the live CD boot menu, or for installed systems, by running the rbos-force-softwarerendering wizard. 

Correctly configured Weston's screen-share to allow the Default Weston Session to be shared over RDP by pressing CTRL+ALT+S

f828e11795f9c2c663fb85747b5da640  RebeccaBlackLinux_DevDbg_i386.iso
bc3525125ff02ce60dfd34e1894399bc  RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso
e12a996620422e61f3d3315b8e4baf17  RebeccaBlackLinux_Revisions_i386.txt
07b0de5c9fa27e7f0835fb144f20bc7d  RebeccaBlackLinux_Source_i386.tar.gz

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