Wayland, Weston and libinput to patchwork?

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 01:45:26 PDT 2014


at least with Wayland and Weston, we have bit of hard time tracking the
patches that need attention. I think I am currently the only one who
actually keeps a backlog, my backlog is not public, and I cannot be a
maintainer 100% all the time, so this won't scale or work for too long.

How about we started using http://patchwork.freedesktop.org/ ?

Apparently it works fine for Mesa et al., right?

I believe it picks up patch emails from the mailing lists automatically
and creates issues, and with a git hook at fd.o repos, a git-push can
automatically close issues.

There was also some command line tool for the patchwork database, IIRC.

It wouldn't change how we work: patches are good in the mailing list,
inline, we would still do review on the mailing list, etc. We would
just have an automatically maintained list of open patches.

For the record, this was the announcement for Mesa:

Wayland-devel mailing list gets patches to three different projects:
Wayland, Weston, and libinput. Is this a problem? Sometimes it is hard
for even humans to see which repository a patch is targeting.

From a quick chat with tfheen, it seems like patchwork assumes 1:1
between mailing lists and projects. OTOH, it looks like Xorg project in
patchwork gets patches to a myriad of different git repos, and you can
filter search results based on subject.

People do already usually use something like "[PATCH weston v7]" to
identify the target, so filtering by subject should mostly work.

What do you think?

Would libinput want to be in patchwork?


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