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Sun Oct 26 11:40:55 PDT 2014

2014-10-26 10:45 GMT+02:00 Michael Johnson <mikeyj001 at>:
> Hi all,
> I'm using Arch linux 32 bit to develop a sample application on Wayland.  My
> question is, if I've installed the Wayland and Weston packages using pacman,
> shouldn't the files (headers and libraries) used to run the client examples
> in the Weston source exist after installation of these pacakges?  If not,
> are there any example clients that DO use the files installed by the Wayland
> and Weston packages?
> My point is, I expect to be able to develop code using system headers and
> libraries installed by the packages, and I'd rather not download and build
> the source every time an update becomes available.  I'd rather use 'pacman
> -Syu' to do the updates.
> An example would be the weston/clients/window.h or
> weston/shared/os-compatibility.h.  I'd at least expect there to be a version
> of window.h in the system headers coming from the Arch package.  Is this an
> issue with the Arch linux package creators?

No. window.h is part of toytoolkit, which is a toy and is not meant to
be used outside of weston's example clients.
Weston does provide a few headers to be used by other projects but
they are for developing weston plugins, not for developing wayland
If you just want to write a wayland client all you need are wayland
headers and the xml files of any additional protocols you may choose
to use.
clients/simple-shm.c in weston is a very simple example client which
doesn't use toytoolkit, so you may start by looking at its code.


> I'm new to Wayland, and all I'm trying to do is show a window on the Wayland
> display.  Most of the examples I've looked at don't seem to refer much to
> the system headers and libraries, apart from the most common ones installed
> by the packages.
> If anyone can give me some guidance, I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Mike
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