[PATCH v3] wayland-util: added wl_strtol/wl_strtoul utility functions

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Oct 28 09:36:55 PDT 2014


On 28 October 2014 15:40, Imran Zaman <imran.zaman at gmail.com> wrote:

> You guys should check the reason why the patch is there rather than
> throwing out random thoughts or blunt comments.
> I did this patch mainly because weston/wayland has been using
> strtol/strtoul functions in number of places with buggy error checks, and
> duplicate code everywhere. Weston and wayland go together; so in bigger
> picture, its a very useful patch IMO.. I hardly find any patches with
> proper tests, but I did it so to make it more effective. But I guess in
> wayland/weston community, only maintainers are allowed to push patches
> others are strongly discouraged to do so. I guess its better to encourage
> people/community for giving helping hand.
> Anyways we will now only push patches (including multi-seat support) in
> Tizen weston/wayland rather than wasting time in upstreamn weston/wayland
> as it seems to be long bureaucratic process to overcome with virtually no
> success.

That's not what we've said. No-one said 'don't take the patch'; all we said
is 'please don't expose it as part of libwayland-*'s _public_ API'.

I like the idea of the patch, I like how it's caught a number of buggy
spots where we've open-coded the same thing, and I like that it's
well-tested. For internal usage, it's great! I just don't want to expose
string manipulation functions in the public API of a window system.

You're right that the test infrastructure is in a pretty bad state.
Anything which helps that is more than welcome, and you may have seen a
bunch of patches from Derek Foreman (not a maintainer) on this list, which
are progressing well and go a long way towards improving our test suite
into something that will be really useful day to day. Any further
contributions along those lines - from anyone - are totally welcome.

As for your multiseat patches, the last discussions I remember involved
some pretty fundamental disagreements about the whole architecture,
particularly input support. I haven't seen any more patches or discussion
since the last IRC chat, though.

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